I'm Melanie Roberge from Palm Coast, Florida. My work is inspired by the beauty and wonder of underwater marine life and the Florida Springs.  I'm blending my artistic skills with my love for marine life and all things aquatic, bringing about the perfect marriage of my two passions.

Through my vibrant acrylic paintings I share my experiences freediving and kayaking all around Florida and Georgia. I want others to appreciate what the world offers and care for nature to preserve it for the future generations. 

I come from a lineage of women artists, I am the 4th generation artist. My grandmother taught children's art classes for over 20 years in Connecticut. I hope to one day continue what she started, start my own children's art studio and share what I've learned.

Artist statement

Reflecting on the world through my artwork and learning to portray my feelings through painting. Seeing life through a different lens after snorkeling and diving the Florida Springs and Keys. I want to show others the beauty that surrounds us, to respect and appreciate it.